• Simple Cover for all types of tenants

    Landlords Insurance Cover for all types of tenant. Simple as that.

Cover for all types of tenant

You may find that some landlords insurance providers are reluctant to cover you if you intend to let your property to certain tenants, such as students, multiple single sharers, those on state benefits or asylum seekers. Unless you keep things Simple.

At Simple we appreciate that whoever you let your property to, you need the comfort and security of knowing that you are protected by buildings and contents insurance. That's why we are happy to provide non-standard landlords insurance cover for a wide range of tenants, with no hassle and no fuss.

Simple can cover you for:

  • Professional/Working tenants
  • Retired tenants
  • Student tenants
  • DSS tenants
  • Housing Association tenants
  • Asylum Seeker tenants

Simple also offer cover for all kinds of property. Click here to find out more.

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