When making a decision to invest in property the factors are many.  And alongside considerations such as rental demand and renovation and maintenance costs, landlords now have to consider the added costs of higher taxation following recent Government legislation

Insurance is an added cost which most would tell you is pretty fundamental to protecting your investment and will keep your business running when misfortune befalls it.

And though your policy will cover you if, for example bad weather causes damage to your roof, there are certain measures you can take to prevent the hassle and expense of claiming in the first place.

Simple Landlords Insurance has analysed more than 100,000 policies and compiled data on the most claimed for insurance risks in buy-to-let properties, identifying factors which most commonly lead not only to higher insurance premiums, but hassle and ultimately loss of earnings.

Join us at the Property Investor Show

We will be presenting a report on the findings during a 45-minute panel session at the Property Investor Show, at the Excel Arena, London, on 15th April.

During the panel discussion, chaired by Ray Clancy of Property Wire delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions of a panel which includes an insurance expert and two experienced landlords with a combined wealth of knowledge on tenant law and the lettings industry.

Join Simple Landlords Insurance for the presentation and panel discussion in Room 6 at 12.30pm and learn about the causal factors in costly premiums/claims and how to avoid them in future.

Register for the seminar, The unforeseen drains on a landlord’s pocket and how to avoid them, by clicking here