We are pleased to announce last night we were named supplier of the year at the Landlord & Letting Awards 2015-16.

After a year of hard work we would like to thank everyone that has contributed towards Simple’s success by following our Think Customer programme. The programme focuses on putting our staff in our customer’s shoes as they undertake their daily duties. The aim is simple – to delight our customers – and we did. That’s why 9 out of 10 of our customers love us.

Think Customer continues to highlight individuals in the business that excel. It recognises how they go the extra mile for our customers, rewarding the best examples throughout the business.

We’ve succeeded in improving our customer satisfaction as a result. We set ourselves a target to reach a 3.5%compliment ratio of all claims and were incredibly happy with the results. We achieved a 5.2 % compliment ratio in our June 2015 review, massively exceeding the insurance industry average of 0.05%.

Between April and June new processes introduced, thanks to Think Customer, lead to better internal communication. As a result the average claim handling time was reduced by nearly a third from 31 days to 21 days.

Furthermore, claims that were pen for more than 90 days fell down 10% to just 15%. These results look set to improve too and it is estimated the number of 90+ day claims will fall below 10% in the near future as the ‘Think Customer’ success continues to grow.

We have improved our customer experience by introducing a new website making it easier than ever to get a quote and renew your insurance policy online.

Think Customer has overhauled our customer experience and journey, making it easier to get a quote, manage your quote and make a claim. 

Ultimately we understand companies are judged on reviews, and we are proud that 92% of our customers would rate us good or excellent.

Our customer retention rate currently sits at 75% with some customers having been with us for over 10 years.

We continue to grow and improve using Think Customer. We will continue to develop our service to give landlords what they need and want. To make things Simple.

Finally we’d like to thank our loyal customers for taking the time to give us the feedback that has allowed us to make these improvements and recognise our issues. We look forward to next year!