Here at Simple Landlords Insurance we decided to ask what landlords wanted in their Christmas stockings this year.

A very few people took us at our word and actually requested toiletries and socks, but most in the poll voted for...

£50k tax-free cash to invest as they saw fit.

In fact, nearly half of the landlords in the poll - 48% - would take the cash over every other option.

Second on landlords’ wish lists was the abolition of Section 24, which received just 16% of the vote, despite being rated by landlords (in a slightly more formal Simple survey) as one of their key concerns for the future.

Next came five years' free landlords' insurance with 13% of the vote, neck-to-neck with dream professional working tenants for five years.

Bottom of the list were 50% off Capital Gains Tax, and a free four-bed HMO in Birmingham, both receiving less than 5% of the vote.

Alex Huntley, Head of Operations for Simple Landlords Insurance, said: “It’s great to see how keen so many landlords are to invest and grow - and that’s an attitude that certainly bodes well for the Private Rental Sector into 2018.

“Although it was just for fun, we could also interpret the relatively low vote for reversing Section 24 as landlords adapting to the changes to tax relief, and absorbing those costs as part of their ongoing strategies.

“Personally, I’m also pretty heartened to see free landlords' insurance coming in joint third place - showing that landlords out there do see value of protecting their investments. I’m a little surprised, however, to see the HMO - arguably one of the most valuable options - coming in so low. On the other hand it probably wouldn’t have fitted into a Christmas stocking anyway!”

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the poll. A winner has been picked at random, and will get a £25 Amazon voucher for their trouble - certainly enough to cover some toiletries and socks.