A landlord services company has struck a deal with Uber to give its landlords and tenants a free taxi ride worth £10, plus £5 towards charity.

The Happy Tenant Company, which manages over £500m worth of properties and tenants on behalf of landlords but uses approved lettings agents just for ‘tenant finding’, says the deal will also raise money for charity Make a Wish UK.

Anyone signing up for the first time will be eligible for the free credit if they use the voucher code ‘HAPPY TENANT'.

The firm uses its group buying power to gain bulk discounts for services to landlords such as tenant finding, maintenance and inventory services and then pass them directly to their customers.

CEO Adam Joseph said: “We’ve focused on delivering more than just property management, by using our size to secure discounts across a range of service suppliers to help our landlord and tenant clients; something which experience has shown us is the key to harnessing good landlord/tenant relationships.

“We truly believe that happy tenants equal happier landlords.”

Uber recently struck a deal with build-to-rent developer Moda Living to give its tenants £100 of Uber credits every month if they agree not to have a car parking space in their building.

The deal will be offered to its developments in cities where Uber operates, the first of which will be the 900-resident Angel Gardens complex in Manchester’s central NOMA district.

“Cars are one of the most expensive assets most people own, but they’re used just five per cent of the time,” says Jo Bertram, Regional General Manager of Uber.

“Our mission is for everybody to have a reliable ride at the touch of a button so they don’t need their own car.

“These plans for what will be a unique partnership with Moda Living is a big step forward in making that a reality. By getting more people to ditch their own vehicles we can put some of the space wasted on parking to much better use.”