A new, updated guide to Universal Credit (UC) aimed at helping landlords with tenants on benefits is now available.

It recommends landlords get ready for Universal Credit by familiarising themselves with the changes, consider how they might need to adapt their policies, engage with their tenants early, to start assessing their needs, making sure they understand their responsibilities and the support available.

The guide also urges landlords to encourage their tenants to go online, open a bank account to receive payments and read the Universal Credit and the guide.

The new guide explains how Universal Credit has safeguards to trigger interventions by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and recover arrears where they occur, as well as budgeting and payment support which is available for tenants who need help moving to the new system.

The full guide is available on the Gov.uk website.

At Simple we obviously also like to keep things pretty Simple - so we’ve also done a condensed guide to help you get grips with things.