In the same week we launched our findings that landlords really DO care about their tenants, the Residential Landlord’s Association is encouraging its members to do the same, by checking up on vulnerable tenants this winter.

The organisation defines a ‘vulnerable tenant’ as those who are elderly and disabled, as well as families who are on low incomes and those who have health problems.

A spokesperson said: "If you rent your property out to a vulnerable tenant, you are encouraged to make contact with them to ensure they are fully prepared.

"You can make sure that tenants know how the boiler works, the location of the stopcock and how to change the thermostat in their properties. If tenants are heading away for a few days over Christmas, encourage them to leave the heating on a timer or a low setting to ensure that pipes do not freeze."

The RLA also recommends giving tenants a helpful list of emergency contact numbers, in case an emergency does occur.

The advice echoes Simple’s own Winter Guides - including boiler care and how to prepare properties for the cold.

Alex Huntley, Head of Operations at Simple Landlords Insurance added: “Those who are worried about an elderly tenant should contact the Age UK helpline on 0800 009966. It’s worth remembering too that if a tenant was born on or before August 5,1953, they may be entitled to receive a Winter Fuel Payment.”