It is now officially, categorically Autumn. No one is talking about Indian Summers any more, and even the hardiest of souls have pretty much given in and turned the heating on.

As the nation’s boilers fire up for the colder months, it’s time for landlords to start thinking about how theirs will fare, and how to avoid the cost and hassle of mid-Winter breakdowns…

Boiler breakdowns cost UK families £780 million in 2016, with one in five households having boiler problems. Fortunately there’s plenty landlords can be doing now to make sure their tenants stay warm.

Our three top tips for boiler safety this winter

1. Get your boiler serviced

“Prevention is better than the cure!” – according to Head of Operations at Simple Landlords Insurance, Richard Truman. He continues: “If your boiler is due a service in the next few months, get it in now, and make sure everything is in tip top condition.”

2. Book an inspection

“Checking your property at the beginning of Winter can troubleshoot all sorts of problems,” adds Richard. “Whether it’s clearing guttering of leaves, spotting condensation problems early, or checking your boiler.

“Things to look out for include any leaks or drips, radiators not warming up properly, or excessive noise.”

3.Consider Boiler breakdown or Home emergency cover

“No landlord particularly wants to get an emergency phone call at the weekend, or in the dead of night,” says Richard. “With boiler breakdown or a wider home emergency policy you get peace of mind, and, well, peace. Meanwhile your tenants get any issues sorted as fast as possible.

“Just make sure when you’re looking at your options you’ve read the exclusions and inclusions. Some insurers (including us!) won’t cover boilers that are too old, for instance – and there’s no point paying for a policy you can’t claim on.”

Read more about our Home emergency cover options.

Watch the video below on how to get the right landlord insurance for you: