Five homeless people will be offered a house to live in over the festive period and get their lives back on track, thanks to a big-hearted landlord in Liverpool.

Landlord and founder of online rental platform RentalStep, Mike Georgeson, has joined forces with community interest firm Our House Our People to provide much needed accommodation in Anfield this winter.

Our House Our People previously hit the headlines when it opened up an office block for homeless people last winter.

Mr Georgeson said: “I am a landlord of a house in Anfield which I’d previously let to young professionals, singles and couples, for whom it was generally their first time away from home."

“I often ended up being a surrogate dad, offering advice and support when it was needed."

“When I was approached by Our House Our People to see whether I would let the house to them with all the tenants being former homeless people, it seemed like a great idea.”

"Not only does it mean the new tenants will have shelter from the winter weather but, importantly, they will have an address which will give each of them the ability to claim benefits, apply for job interviews and earn a credit rating to help get their lives back on track."

“The lack of an address is a huge barrier to people being able to get their lives in order and start making a positive contribution to society again – and being a valuable part of it,” Mr Georgeson explained.

“We can’t escape the fact that homelessness is a problem in Liverpool, and it’s one thing to chuck a quid into a pot or buy someone a cup of coffee – but to be able to put a roof over their heads is amazing."

“I also wanted to show that not all landlords are bad – I’m genuinely over the moon to be able to help these people – and perhaps encourage other landlords to offer their homes for similar use too.”