A new regional landlords association in the North East of England has joined forces with the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) to stand up for landlords.

The North East Landlords Group will aim to work closely with the 13 North East councils on behalf of landlords.

The new group has been set up by Martin Wardle, a property tax director at Robson Laidler Accountants, Paul Hampton of Approved Mortgage Solutions, Janet Fay of Coversure Insurance, and Surbhi Vedhara, a property partner at Sweeny Miller Solicitors.

Bruce Haagensen, formerly of the National Landlords Association North East, said: “The private-rented sector accounts for about 16 per cent of households in the North East region and as such, we feel the launch of the North East Landlords Group is a critical development for this increasingly complex audience and its stakeholders.

“It is important for the private rented sector to have a voice with the aim of balancing safeguards for tenants’ interests and setting the right conditions to enable the sector to contribute fully to the provision of good quality, well managed housing.

“We have pulled together the cream of the crop of housing professionals from around the region who together will provide landlords with a truly member-centric service and ensure a professional but - most importantly - a local personal service, which is what landlords have indicated they value most.

“We will be offering numerous services to our landlord and property investor members including specific advice, policy support and information.”

Andrew Goodacre, of the RLA, said: “We are delighted to hear about local businesses joining forces to represent the private rented sector at a local level.

"Whilst we focus on national campaigns, there is also a role for local groups to make a difference in their area.

“The RLA has a track record of supporting local landlord groups and hope to do so in the North East going forward.”