Three fifths of British landlords have no issues with their tenants - with 62 per cent stating theirs was an 'ideal situation' as the rent covered the monthly mortgage payments and things ran smoothly.

One quarter (25 per cent) of respondents felt more nervous about the situation as they had limited control over how the tenants treat their home.

The remaining 13 per cent stated that they regretted letting their property - and again it was problems with tenants that was causing the most headaches.

When the survey asked if landlords had ever experienced issues with their tenants, 41 per cent admitted that 'yes' they had.

When asked to state what these issues had been, and told to select all those they're encountered from a list of possible responses, the top five problems were:

  • Tenants getting in touch too often about minor or imagined issues – 58 per cent
  • Tenants making modifications in the home without gaining the landlord’s permission – 41 per cent
  • Neighbours complaining about tenants – 26 per cent
  • Tenants causing damage and then expecting the landlord to cover the costs – 23 per cent
  • Tenants not paying rent on time – 18 per cent

Landlords who thought their tenants contacted them too frequently with minor or non-existent issues heard from their tenants four times per month, or once a week.

When asked how much on average the repairs, general maintenance and cleaning required once a tenant moves out cost them, the average answer was £210.

Finally, when asked if they had ever had to evict any tenants because of constant issues, 9 per cent confessed that 'yes' it has come to this at least once.

A survey of 2,302 landlords, all of whom own at least one property that they currently let out, saw landlords quizzed on their experiences by the home interior specialist Hilarys.

Tara Hall, for Hilarys, said: "It is important for landlords to maintain a good relationship with their tenants, but this can sometimes prove difficult".

Richard Truman, Head of Operations at Simple Landlords Insurance, added: “The good news here is that the vast majority of landlords are happy with their tenants, but clearly things can go wrong.

"Whether it's a home emergency or rent arrears, it's always worth remembering that insurance can be there to cover your back if you need it"