Landlords could soon be blessed with ideal tenants that get along with each other thanks to a free Tinder-style lettings app which claims it can use AI to link like-minded people.

Badi, set up by entrepreneur Carlos Pierre, launched in London in August and has already acquired nearly 100,000 users and thousands of listings in the UK.

The app aims to match tenants with people who share the same interests and outlook in order to sidestep problems of incompatibility, which can lead to disputes that end tenancies early.

The business recently received a £7.7 million boost from US-based venture capital Spark Capital to help it launch across London, Paris and Rome, but the app is currently free and there are no fees or commissions.

Mr Pierre says the idea came to him after he was searching for a flatmate in Barcelona.

He said: “I saw a girl in New York had the same problem and used Tinder to put her room on it and she found a roommate in less than three days."

“Tinder is useful because you can accept or reject easily."

Richard Truman, Head of Operations at Simple Landlords Insurance, said: “Most shorthold tenancy agreements prohibit subletting, we would therefore advise tenants looking for lodgers or flat mates to check their tenancy agreements first to ensure they aren’t breaching the terms of the tenancy.”

Statistics compiled by the National Landlords Association (NLA) showed that of the 11 per cent of tenants who admitted renting out spare rooms, almost half said they did so without their landlord's permission and pocketed the extra rent cash for themselves.

Mr Truman continued: “While only a small number admitted to the NLA that they let out rooms without the knowledge of their landlords - just 5 per cent - it is worrying that where it does happen, much of it takes place behind landlords’ backs, without their knowledge or permission which could invalidate a landlord’s insurance policy."

“With that proviso, it’s interesting to see how new technology can potentially solve problems between tenants."

“Housemates who can't get on often cause problems for landlords further down the line and can lead to the premature end of tenancies, which means profitless void periods."

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