Here at Simple Landlords Insurance, we’re celebrating Halloween with a landlords insurance quote for the spookiest space we know...

Count Dracula’s Castle!

While there’s a very, very long term and reasonably reliable tenant, there’s also some trouble with the neighbours, who keep marching on the property with pitchforks (and pitchfork damage is definitely excluded from the policy).

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There’s reports of bats in the loft (which could be causing damage, but are a protected species) and the small matter of what appear to be red wine stains on the carpet....

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One careful and meticulous tenant who appears to have been in residence for a very, very long time. He tends to keep himself to himself, but always pays his rent on time, and in gold.

The curtains are nearly always drawn, which is usually a red flag for any landlord or insurer – because anything could be going on inside the property. However, on inspection, everything seems to be in order, apart from some minor stains on the carpets – possibly red wine? – but nothing that can’t be covered by Accidental damage insurance.

There are some minor issues with the immediate neighbours, who occasionally march on the property with pitch forks. On the advice of police, a CCTV surveillance system has been installed, and this seems to have deterred angry mobs.

Price £priceless
Rent 30 Gold coins pcm - by invitation only
Yield TBC
Insurance *Cover Declined based on occupation of tenant and previous claims experience - those 'red wine' stains

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