The Home Office is developing a new online service to make completing right to rent checks quicker and easier for landlords.

At the moment, the service will apply to landlords or agents checking non-EEA nationals who hold biometric residence permits or biometric residence cards, as well as those granted status under the EU settlement scheme.

The Home Office wants to ensure the new service meets the needs of landlords and agents, and is called on National Landlords Association (NLA) members to take part in the scheme and understand their experience of conducting checks.

The NLA has been taking part in the Home Office working group, developing code of practice and influencing the design of the system.

The Home Office wishes to talk to private landlords and agents who have experience of checking tenants with a biometric residence card (BRC) or a biometric residence permit (BRP).

They would also like to understand your experience of doing checks if you find it difficult to navigate online systems.

Landlords will be taken through a prototype of the new online service and will be asked to give feedback on the service to assess its usability.

You will be able to visit the Home Office offices, or a visit can be arranged to your address to conduct the research.

All research conducted will be strictly confidential.

To get involved email: or call Ella Botting on 07776808144.