Landlords in Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Slough, are being invited to have their say on licensing proposals currently under consultation.

Newcastle City Council is consulting on plans to introduce both selective and additional licensing in the city, bringing over 18,000 properties into the scope of licensing.

This consultation will close on January 27 2019.

Middlesbrough Council is proposing to introduce Selective Landlord Licensing in a part of the Newport ward.

All private rented properties located in the area will be required to be licensed (there is a proposal document for list of exemptions).

Any properties that are currently licensed as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) will not need to apply for a Selective Licence.

This consultation closes on Monday, January 28 2019.

Slough Council is consulting on two licensing proposals in the town.

The first proposal is to introduce a borough-wide additional licensing scheme, and the second proposal is to introduce a targeted Selective Licensing scheme in the Central and Chalvey wards.

The council is running drop-in sessions for landlords in the town later this month who want to learn more about the proposals. This consultation closes on January 31 2019.

Last year, the Government launched a review into selective licensing. The results of the review are expected to be published this Spring.

Simple Landlords Insurance blogger Carl Agar has written an article, which considers whether or not selective licensing can help to clean up communities.

In it, Carl writes: “Implementing a selective licence scheme can only ever be the start of addressing issues in a problem area, and it should be used strategically alongside other initiatives to ensure real change takes places and stays in place.

“But most of all it needs to involve all stakeholders in the community. If it does, it can work. And I’ve seen it working well.”