As the kids go back to school, it’s worth remembering that there is always something to learn in property.

Information is power – especially when you’re a landlord. And boy, is there a lot of information to get on top of…

An entire industry has sprung up around property education, and people looking to invest often plough a great deal of money that could be used for their first deposit into education and mentoring schemes.

The argument is that knowing what you’re doing is cheaper than making a mistake. But there are loads of free resources out there that could give you a head start…

So today, I’ve got a round-up of resources that avoid the nonsense and get straight to the credible. These are websites with free information you can rely on. Bookmark them, and check in regularly for updates.

I guarantee you’ll learn something new.

1. www.Your Local Authority

Most local authorities have a dedicated area on their website for private landlords. This will contain useful information such as guides, market reports and any information on relevant licensing schemes in their towns. I’ve always found these sites very useful, especially their market demand reports. You can also find a whole host of useful information from the town planning team, too.


Visit website to find copies of all the legislation that governs the private rented sector. Download it. Read it on your phone. But you need to know it and you need to make time for it. There’s also other useful resources - you’ll find, for instance, a free tenancy agreement that is regularly updated with any changes in the law.

3. Landlord Association Websites

Even if you don’t want to pay the nominal fee to join one of the national organisations such as the NLA (National Landlords Association) or the RLA (Residential Landlords Association), their websites are rich in information and are well worth a visit, especially their news pages and policy pages. You will also find information on courses and meetings than can help you grow your knowledge and your business.

4. Landlord Support Websites

Some of my favourites include:

Find up-to-date information on the residential and commercial buy to let scene, as well as landlord news. The site is run by seasoned buy to let guru Tom Entwhistle and one of the most widely read by landlords.

More of a forum than a website, this site has lots of landlords supporting each other and sharing their experiences. If you have a problem then you can rest assured that someone on this forum will have either experienced it or will have good advice on how to deal with it.

My personal favourite. Get succinct and legally correct info on a whole range of landlord related issues as well as weekly landlord training tips from landlord and property solicitor Tessa Shepperson. &

Obvious right? The two main property portals? It’s amazing how many landlords and investors miss them off the list!

As well as searching for property these two websites offer a whole host of reports and market information that will help you ensure you are buying property in the right area and at the right price. They provide monthly house price index and quarterly rental price index for regions throughout the UK, including Scotland and Wales -completely free.

OK, also obvious, because that’s where you already are. Blogs, news, articles and guides, and insider insurance knowledge. What’s not to like?