Buy-to-let is set to go high-tech with new apps that can help landlords communicate with tenants, take inventories, track utilities, check security, manage repairs, keep records - and keep up to date on the latest housing news and investment opportunities. Here are 15 top apps for your smartphone that could save you time, and make landlord life easier on the go.

1. Tenant loop

Manage properties, store key documents, instant message your tenants and process service and maintenance requests from this one-stop-shop US landlord app.

2. The Landlord App

Instant property management - log your rents, track your expenses, and note key dates and milestones - with a handy data export feature.

3. World of Rental

Organise properties, manage tenants, store details, create financial reports, track transactions, set rent and lease reminders, and watch all your data sync between the web and mobile apps.

4. DIY Landlord

You can see cash flow, rental payments and due dates from the main dashboard, and store tenant and maintenance details - perfect for landlords with a large portfolio.

5. Scanbot

Use your smartphone camera to scan and record key documents like receipts and invoices in Jpeg or PDF format.

6. Tenancy Agreement

Create shorthold tenancy agreements quickly and easily with this handy online app, which does all the work for you.

7. What’s App

Stay in touch with tenants easily - and create group chats to talk to HMO tenants.

8. Gas Tag

Gas Tag provides landlords with performance driven consumption and compliance monitoring - and tenants with peace of mind.

9. Meter Readings

Monitor your household utility meters remotely, and keep an eye on tenant consumption. Costs and savings can be calculated from the usage and displayed in an easy to visualise graph.

10. Inventory Pro

A mobile inventory condition report generator for use by estate agents, private landlords, property managers and inventory providers. Create reports with text descriptions, photo or video galleries for each room - and save and export as a PDF file.

11. Inventory Base

Produce professional inventories, internal inspections, buildings inspections, risk assessments and more. Allows you to set up templates and checklists, record voice notes, flag issues and take embedded photos to deliver professional reports from your mobile.

12. Front Point

Remotely monitor and control your properties’ security, lights, thermostats and more.

13. Right Move

Take Rightmove on the move with the app! You’ll be able to keep an eye on the local market, property values, average rents, and investment opportunities.

14. Zoopla

Search for property out and about with Zoopla in your pocket.

15. Around Me

Research investment opportunities by finding out more about local amenities, businesses, and services. . .