Property investment is changing

At Simple Landlords Insurance, we wanted to find out more about landlords, and how they’re coping with all the changes in the market - from Capital Gains Tax to Stamp Duty, Section 24 to Right to Rent, tenant deposit caps to the social housing crisis, licensing changes to Brexit.

We wanted to know if and how all of this has changed the appetite for investment, investment strategies, returns, attitudes to risk and opportunity, and of course from our own perspective - insurance needs.

Our findings

We talked to more than 500 landlords across the UK, and we found an increasing gap between the small and accidental landlords, and the big or growing ones. The bigger the portfolio - or the ambition - the more positive the impact of external factors and the overall outlook.

The emerging landlord seems overall to be younger, more agile, more risk-savvy, industry aware - and willing to diversify into different property types and strategies. They see themselves as investors first, and landlords second.

Modern landlords are becoming younger and more expansive

43% of HMO landlords are in buying mode

1 in 4 landlords are under the age of thirty-five

1/3 of investment properties are now flats

1 in 4 landlords still don't have specialist insurance