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Evictions in the UK

Eviction notice

Landlords in the UK face a 4 month wait for court appointed bailiffs to remove problem tenants – and some regions see a higher rate of claims and evictions than others.

Analysis of Ministry of Justice figures show London as the evictions capital, and the South West, North East and West Midlands with the lowest rates of repossession.

Possession claims brought to court by private landlords last year

Average cost in legal fees and lost rent for landlords waiting 4 months to evict

London landlords are more likely to have to bring a claim for repossession to court than landlords in the South West

Of landlords in the UK will have to make an eviction claim

118 days
On average for court-appointed bailiffs to remove tenants from private landlords’ properties after bringing a claim to court

Of claims are not granted a court order either because the judge rejected them or they settled

Regional repossessions

Private landlord claims in 2017 - regional heatmap

Eviction hotspots are darker - lighter regions are the least likely to repossess.

The rise and fall of evictions by region

Eviction in some regions have fallen, and others have risen. The number of court actions to repossess their properties brought by private landlords in Yorkshire and Humberside has fallen by a quarter since 2003. In Wales, it has more than doubled.

Repossessions have risen in the last 15 years

National repossessions

The rise of private landlord repossession claims

Overall, the number of claims being brought has risen over time, with an all-time high in 2013.

Landlord possessions claims in the county courts of England and Wales

The rise of bailiff repossessions

Over time, more eviction claims are ending in repossession by court bailiff.

Number of private landlord evictions

Progress through court

The fall and fall of claims through the system

The drop-off rate from claim to eviction shows that most claims won’t make it through to the bitter bailiff end.

How claims progressed through court system in 2017

The court process flow-chart

How the court process works from beginning to end.

Flow diagram of how claims are handled through court system

*In cases involving a fixed-term tenancy, a landlord possession may not require a hearing under the accelerated procedure

Source: Ministry of Justice Mortgage and Landlord Repossession Statistics.

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