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Customer case study: Dave Williamson

Wednesday 22 June 2016

“I am absolutely delighted!

“I would recommend Simple to anyone. It was easy. Every part of it was great. The standard of work was excellent.”

This was the verdict of Dave Williamson after a claim with Simple Landlords Insurance for his daughter’s house in Glasgow’s Mosspark.

Heavy rain damaged the valley guttering between his home and the 120-year-old sandstone villa owned by his landlord daughter Johanna, next door.

“She has been the landlord of two properties for seven years,” he explained. “I dealt with Simple because she is busy studying to be a doctor and working part time.” he added.

Water poured into a bedroom, badly damaging the ceiling and one corner of the room following a storm in October last year.

Dave said: “The water had run inside the walls, the wallpaper was peeling off and the wall was soaking.

“The ceiling had soaked up so much water there was a bow in it. The ceiling was cracked and urgent repairs were needed.

“I contacted Simple. The website was easy to use and the call centre was good. I wasn’t sitting there waiting for an afternoon, someone answered within seconds.

“I was passed on to the relevant person and the process was very smooth and satisfactory. It’s not always you get that with insurance companies!”

Someone arrived within 24 hours


“Simple sent someone out within 24 hours to look at the damage. He sent in his survey and Simple came back immediately and agreed to pay for the repairs.

“They offered to come right away but I said I would have to find the leak that was letting the water in, he explained. “Nobody is covering roofs any more for obvious reasons, so I told Simple I would repair it myself.

“I was given a reference number to quote and I think they were here within a week,” he said. “It was very efficient.

“They put in dehumidifiers for two weeks to dry out the air, and then they tested it to see if it was completely dry and they produced a certificate to say it was dried out.

“We arranged a date about a week later for the repairs to start.

“The wall had dried out without taking any further damage – lath and plaster can take quite a hammering.

“The guys removed the ceiling and cornicing. They took a mould of the cornicing and completely replaced that. It was fantastic!

“I would probably have repaired the cornicing and patched it up. They replaced it all. Goodness knows what that cost them.

“The work was done very quickly and efficiently and they did it all in the right order.

“It was completed within five days, finished and painted. The room looks absolutely beautiful now.”

Dave, 60, is a civil engineer, a joiner, plumber and electrician.

“I was in the building game myself for many years,” he said. “I ran my own business and had four teams fitting kitchens and conservatories.

“I was happy to have had those guys at Johanna’s house.

“They showed a great deal of respect for the property – they made no mess, they sheeted the doors so no dust came into the hall.

“They just did everything right,” he said. “If I am impressed, they were good!”

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