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Customer case study: Eolanda Adriani

Wednesday 19 October 2016

A Rochdale landlord would recommend Simple Landlords Insurance to other BTL investors after the ‘very good’ experience she had with her first claim. 

Eolanda Adriani wasn’t particularly surprised when a joy-rider crashed into the garden wall of one of her properties, in the small hours of the morning in November, last year.

She said: “There are lots of young men with nothing to do around here. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of joyriding.”

Luckily, no one was injured at the site of the crash, but “the driver must have driven off with a big dent in his car.”

The wall, 1.5 metres by 10 metres, was partially caved-in, and the door frame of an adjacent garage was damaged.  

“The wall hadn’t fallen down - but if you pushed it, it would.”

Eolanda, who lives just four doors down from the large end terrace, takes up the story:

 “I just rang Simple and explained the situation. They asked if I was covered and I was. They told me they would phone someone who would be in touch."

“The call operators were very good. Very professional."

“The assessor came around within a few days. Actually he called twice. He was a young man and took photographs and explained what would need doing."

“About three quarters of the wall would have to be taken down and rebuilt. The impact had also damaged the doorframe of an adjoining garage, so that needed attention as well."

“A couple of weeks later the builder came around, from Preston. He looked it over and gave me a start date."
“It was December and it was raining. The weather was really bad. But the builder put up a gazebo and got started taking it down."
“It rained for as long as it took to repair – about five days. But when it dried out there were bits of cement missing from in between the bricks."

“I made a complaint and the assessor returned. It took another two or three weeks, but the builder returned and re-pointed the wall."
“The whole thing probably took two months from start to finish. At the end of it, I was happy. They did a very good job."

“They definitely met my needs.”

Eolanda, who is married with one child, has been with SLI for five years and has two properties insured with the firm. 

The large three-bed end terrace house in central Rochdale, where the car hit, is one of five rental properties she owns.

“My dad bought it in 1980,” said Yolanda, 50. “My father was in property, so I took the business over from him about five years ago."

“Before that we were in the rag trade. The family ran a knitwear manufacturing company from 1968 to 1980. It was a great business at the time.” 

She says she would recommend the firm to other landlords: “They’re very efficient and the premiums are competitive."

“Every year I check the price comparison sites and Simple are always reasonable, so I have kept with them."

“I think they’re very good.”

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