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Women match men in hopes of property investment

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Women are just as likely to invest in property as men, with the prospect of renting it out remaining a popular aspiration for both genders, new research has found.

In a survey by SevenCapital asking more than 1,000 people what they have invested in and what they’d consider investing in, if money was not an issue, property investment won by a landslide of 40 per cent.

Nearly a fifth (19 per cent) of respondents said they have invested in property already, with 19 per cent of men and 20 per cent of women confirming their investments.

Nearly a quarter of both males (23 per cent) and females (23 per cent) said they have considered property investment, but are yet to take the plunge.

At Simple Landlords Insurance we did our own research into Women in Property, which found that 40 per cent of the UK’s landlords are female, and are slightly more likely to have become landlords by accident than their male counterparts.

The second top investment for women was ISAs (19 per cent), followed by jewellery and watches (13 per cent), designer handbags (8 per cent) and gold (7 per cent).

Men in comparison prefer to put their money into other financial investments, with ISAs (24 per cent) followed by shares (17 per cent), stocks (12 per cent), coins (10 per cent) and crypto-currencies (5 per cent).

When asked exactly what they’d look for in an investment, more than half (57 per cent) the female respondents said location, while only 46 per cent of men agreed.

Similar numbers (29 per cent) of men and (28 per cent) women agreed that rentability was important, with men more likely to choose Greater London as their preferred location (27 per cent) compared to only 21 per cent of women.

When asked why they would invest in property, 39 per cent of women said they’d do it to invest for their future, compared to only 30 per cent of men, whereas 36 per cent of men said they’d do so to make money, in comparison to 30 per cent of women.

Andy Foote, director at SevenCapital, who conducted the research, says: “It’s intriguing to see what the difference is when it comes to investments and the gender splits.”

“There are some common myths that are being blown wide open and we can see from our research that whilst rationale for investment varies the preconception of a gender split, at least in property just isn’t true.”

If you are a woman considering property investment, you might want to check out a new book from our resident blogger Bindar Dosanjh, from Smart Core Wealth and the Female Property Alliance. You can find Power Property Investing for Women on Amazon.

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