Landlord Contents Insurance

Landlord Contents Insurance

Landlord Contents Insurance

Our landlord contents insurance can be bought alongside landlord buildings insurance or stand alone, and it helps you repair or replace broken, damaged or stolen items in your rental property on a new-for-old basis.

  • Landlord contents cover from £5,000 to £50,000 to protect the appliances and furniture of your rental property
  • Broken, damaged or stolen items repaired or replaced on a new-for-old basis
  • Our landlords contents insurance is available even if your property is only part furnished, or just includes carpets and curtains.

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What does Simple landlord contents insurance cover?

Up to £50,000 landlord contents cover to protect appliances and furniture in your rental property

Our landlord contents insurance can cover contents from £5,000 to £50,000 depending on your needs and value of contents, to protect things like your fridge, freezer, sofa and curtains.

Landlord contents insurance against theft and damage

Protect your rental property items against theft or attempted theft, accidental damage, malicious damage or vandalism though our landlord contents cover. Just note that you’re not covered if it’s your tenants that do the damage – if you’re concerned you’ll need to add extra malicious damage cover to your policy for this.

Landlord contents insurance to protect against fire or storm damage

Protect your contents in the event of fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, earthquake or storm, floods, falling trees, ground movement, subsidence or landslip, collision by an animal or vehicle, and even things dropping from the sky.

For more information please take a look at the full landlord contents insurance policy documents - which show exactly what you’ll be covered for.

Landlords contents insurance is cover for what’s inside your rental property.

Generally, if you turned your property upside down and shook it, everything that would fall out counts as the contents (so the sofa, but not the kitchen units). With contents insurance you can cover the cost of replacing things like the property’s furniture and appliances.

As a landlord you’ll need to cover anything that belongs to you in the property - and your tenants will need their own contents insurance to cover their own belongings.

Landlords contents insurance covers damage, rather than gradual wear and tear over time.

Contents insurance isn’t compulsory, but replacing things like carpets can be a big expense versus what you’ll pay for an insurance policy. It’s worth thinking through what you’d do in a worst case scenario and weighing up the risks and costs.

Yes, with Simple you can take out a contents insurance policy on its own, and a buildings insurance policy on its own.

You can get a quote online, or call to talk through your insurance needs. You’ll be asked about your contents, including any particularly expensive or high value items. Have a think about what’s in your property that you’ll need to cover – and what it would realistically cost to replace - before you get a quote.

Any contents in your rental property that come with the house – so if you rent your property furnished things like beds or sofas, lamps and light shades, fridges, freezers and washing machines. It’s tempting to think if you’re renting unfurnished you don’t need contents insurance, but just make sure you’ve calculated the costs of things like carpets and curtains, so you know you’d be able to replace them from your own pocket if they were all damaged.

Simple’s landlord contents insurance only covers your contents – so make sure your tenants know they’ll need their own insurance for their own belongings.

Keys are not included as part of your landlord contents insurance. If you want key and lock insurance, you can choose to add it to your policy. Take a look at our key protection page for more information.

Yes! At Simple Landlords Insurance you can get a multi-property or ‘portfolio’ policy, and contents for all of your properties.

Absolutely. We really value experienced landlords and know that when you’ve been at it for a while, you tend to be lower risk. With that in mind, we reward careful and experienced landlords with reduced rates.

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