Multi Property Landlord Insurance

Landlord Multiple Properties Insurance

Multi Property Landlord Insurance

If you’ve got multiple properties, a portfolio insurance policy could potentially save you time and money. All of your properties are on a single policy, so there’s one renewal date, one place of contact - and one payment.

  • Landlords insurance for investors with 4 or more properties
  • Tailored cover for your buildings and contents, plus legal liability and loss of rent as standard
  • Add to your portfolio as it grows.

  • Call 0808 172 5600

  • Open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm - for a chat.

What does multi property landlord insurance cover?

Landlords with four or more properties

If you’re a landlord with four or more rental properties, you might benefit from putting them all on a single multi property landlords insurance policy. You get economies of scale, and all the advantage of a single policy, a single place of contact, and a single renewal date.

Cover tailored to your portfolio

It doesn’t matter if you have different insurance needs for your different properties, we can tailor your multi property landlords insurance policy accordingly. You’ll get cover for your building, your contents if you choose to add them, plus legal liability and loss of rent as standard.

Flexibility to add to your portfolio

At Simple, we want to support growing landlords, and that means we’re happy to add properties onto your policy as you continue to invest, or as policies for your other properties come up for renewal.

One point of call

With a multi property landlords insurance policy from Simple Landlords Insurance you’ll just have one place to go to for your insurance, so we’ll look after you, your properties and your policy, and you’ll only need to speak to one office who knows your whole portfolio.

Portfolio insurance is often called multi-property insurance, and it’s a way for landlords with several properties to get one landlords insurance policy – rather than separate policies for each property in their portfolio.

That means you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting individual quotes, and you get the convenience of only having one payment and one renewal per year.

At Simple Landlords Insurance you can give us a ring on 0808 172 5600 and talk us through your properties and insurance needs. We’ll set your policy up, and you can add properties onto it as you invest, or as the insurance policies for your existing properties come up for renewal.

If you’ve got 4 or more properties, you’re eligible for a portfolio policy with Simple Landlords Insurance.

You don’t need to cancel or move your current insurance. We can add on properties as they come up for renewal so you’re not doubling up.

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