Non-standard Landlord Insurance

Non-Standard Landlord Insurance

Non-standard Landlord Insurance

As much as we like to keep things simple, some properties, some tenants, and some landlords, are more complicated to insure.

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Non-standard landlord insurance quotes

Call our specialist team on 0344 346 3323 or get a quote online.

Whether you’ve got an unusual property, unusual tenants, or your own unusual circumstances, we'll always try and find you the right cover.  

Our specialist non-standard department are on hand to talk through the details, and help you find the right insurance for YOU.

If your property is prefabricated, prone to flooding or is listed as being of historical interest - it can be harder to find the right insurance. We’re here to help.

Not all tenants are created equal. If you’re renting a property out to your mum, it’s probably at less risk than it would be if you rented it to a group of students. Having said that, we also believe that students - and lots of other people - can make fantastic tenants, so we want to help you rent out your properties to them.

As well as professional/working tenants, we can provide insurance for properties rented out to all sorts of people - including asylum seekers, families on benefits, students, retired people and housing association tenants.

Have you struggled to get landlord insurance because of criminal convictions, bankruptcy, or other personal circumstances? We believe in helping good landlords find decent insurance, and we’ll help you if we can.

If you’ve got several tenants living in a property, you need to let us know, so we can make sure you’ve got the right level of cover.

If you house is officially an HMO – short for Houses in Multiple Occupation – you might need to an HMO licence from your local council.

HMOs can be a great way for landlords to maximise the rental income from a suitable property - and we can help you make sure you’ve got the right insurance.

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