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Landlord insurance

Award-winning cover that makes life easy for busy landlords, and lets you build your perfect policy.

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You know your property, your tenants, and your risk best. We’re here to help you choose the right options for YOU.

We keep thing simple - and we keep your investments safe. And that means you’re free to think differently about how you grow your portfolio.

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How are landlords insuring their investments?

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As part of our emerging landlord report we wanted to understand better how landlords are mitigating their risk in new market conditions, while maximising their profits.

"Out of all the stats in this report, the fact that so many landlords don’t even have landlords insurance is the one that - perhaps unsurprisingly - concerns me the most!"

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Five Star Cover

Rest-assured, you’re getting the best cover there is. We’ve been awarded 5 stars by independent financial reviewers Defaqto.

Our landlords have also scored us 4.4 out of 5 stars on independent feedback service Feefo. And we’ve been awarded the Best Landlord Insurance Provider Award at the Property Wire Awards two years in a row.

Defaqto 5 stars for landlord insurance Property Wire Awards - Winners Best Landlord Provider 2018  Trusted Service Award - feefo 2018

Our cover

At Simple Landlords Insurance you’ll get legal liability and loss of rent cover as standard with your buildings and contents insurance.

Depending on your property, tenants, and priorities, you can then pick and choose what else you’d like to be covered for - from Home emergency cover to Key protection, Rent guarantee to Legal expenses.

By bolting on different products you can create your own tailor-made policy.

We can also help you if you’ve got multiple properties - or non-standard properties.

So what are you looking for?

Frequently asked questions

What is Buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance cover protects your property against damage, for instance if there’s a fire, a flood, damage from a storm, or something a bit less disastrous– like a simple missing roof tile or a leaky bath.

If you need to rebuild part or all of your property, you need to make sure you’ve got the right level of cover to do so – so you don’t end up out of pocket or paying over the odds for your policy.

Read more about buildings insurance.

What is Contents insurance?

If you turned your property upside down and shook it, everything that would fall out counts as the contents (so the sofa, but not the kitchen units). If something does happen to your contents, you may need insurance to cover the cost of replacing things like the property’s furniture and appliances.

You may need to cover anything that belongs to you in the property - and your tenants will need their own contents insurance to cover their own belongings.

Read more about contents insurance.

What is Legal liability?

Say a postman delivers a letter to your property on a windy day, gets hit by a falling roof tile, and decides to take you to court. Or the carpet in the hall is loose causing a tenant to trip, and they sue for damages. Legal liability basically means if someone decides to sue you, then your legal costs should be covered.

We’ll cover you for legal liability up to £2million as standard. So you, your tenants, (and your postman) can rest easy.

Read more about legal liability cover.

What is Alternative accommodation and Loss of rent?

Alternative accommodation

There’s been a leak from the bathroom straight into the kitchen, and your tenants can’t wash or cook until it’s all sorted out.

If you have to make a claim on your buildings insurance and your tenants can’t live in the property when it’s being repaired, they’ll need alternative accommodation. We’ll foot the bill so you don’t have to - and that offer comes as standard on all of our insurance policies.

Loss of rent

If something serious happens to your property – like a fire or a flood - and tenants can’t live there anymore, you’re going to lose a lot of rent while building work and repairs take place.

Loss of rent cover means that if your property can’t be occupied, you don’t have to be completely out of pocket. As standard, we’ll give you 12 months cover, or up to 20% of your Buildings Sum Insured figure (that’s how much you’ve calculated it would cost to rebuild your property from its foundations).

Loss of rent cover will only kick in after your alternative accommodation requirements (and cover) has ended. So we’ll put your tenants up somewhere while the serious repairs start, and when they find somewhere new we’ll start paying your loss of rent cover.

Read more about alternative accommodation & loss of rent cover.

What is Accidental and Malicious damage?

Accidental damage

Someone leaves the straighteners on and they burn through the carpet. Next door’s kid kicks a football through the living room window. Red wine is spilt over the sofa you put in last week.

If it’s an unintentional one-off incident that harms your property or its contents, we’ve got it covered.

Read more about accidental damage.

Malicious damage

Sometimes bad stuff happens to good properties, and sometimes it’s deliberate. We’ve seen pipework ripped out of houses for the copper, leaks and fires started on purpose, and buildings gutted to make way for cannabis farms.

If this happens to you, we’re sorry, and with our cover we can help you repair whatever’s been broken. However, if it’s your legal tenants who do the damage, you’re not covered unless you’ve got malicious damage cover as part of your policy.

The really good news is that if you’ve got a low-risk property with reliable tenants, we’ll throw both accidental cover in for FREE with your buildings or contents insurance.

Read more about malicious damage.

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