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Landlord key protection cover

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Key protection means you and your tenants are covered for the repair or replacement of the locks and keys used to secure your rental property. With our key cover, if keys are lost, stolen, damaged or even accidently locked inside your rental property, we’ll pay for the locksmith to get you sorted. You can choose to add this cover to your Simple Landlords Insurance policy. 

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For just £15 a year, you won’t have to worry about lost keys or forgetful tenants again!

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What does landlord key protection cover?

Our landlord key protection includes:

  • Cover for up to £1,500 a year
  • Replacement or repair costs following the loss, theft or damage to your rental property keys or locks
  • Locksmith charges to get you or your tenant back into your property if you can’t get in
  • Up to 5 duplicate keys when your locks are replaced
  • Access to a 24 hour emergency helpline and a network of locksmiths
  • The flexibility to choose your own locksmith, as long as you’ve reported your claim to us first, and as long as you keep and submit all the original invoices and receipts.

Things we won't cover:

  • We can’t cover any work you’ve had done if you can’t produce original receipts or invoices (we need the evidence to process your claim!)
  • Sorry, we can’t cover any costs that take you over the £1,500 limit of the policy in any one calendar year.
  • We won’t be able to process theft claims that haven’t been reported to the police - so if your locks have been damaged during a burglary we can’t pay for them unless you’ve told the police what happened.
  • We can’t cover the loss or damage of keys that have been given or lent out to anyone else - we can only cover you and your tenants.

For more information please take a look at the full policy documents - which show exactly what you’ll be covered for.

What is key cover insurance?

Landlords key protection cover is special insurance just for the keys to your rental property! It means that if a tenant loses their keys, gets locked out, or manages to damage keys or locks, you’ll get them replaced on your insurance.

Do I need key cover insurance?

Key protection cover can be really useful if you’ve got a house of multiple occupancy (HMO) with multiple sets of keys, a high turn-over of tenants, or tenants who are likely to take less care of your keys – a reputation that students have, for instance.

If you have multiple lock-outs or lost key incidents, it might be worth the investment...

How much does key cover insurance cost?

Key protection cover from Simple Landlords Insurance is £15 a year, so just over £1 a month.

What do I do when a key has been lost?

Your tenants need to let you know, and as the policy holder, you’ll need to call up our key claims team on 0330 123 2098 quoting scheme code 0460547. It’s classed as an emergency, and we’ve got locksmiths on call 24 hours - so you should be sorted pretty quickly!

The Key protection Insurance Product Information Document provides you with a summary of key features and exclusions.

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