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Landlord legal expenses

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Renting out a property can lead to a range of legal disputes which could cost time, stress and money.

With our legal expenses cover, you get 24 hour access to a legal expert and cover for up to £50,000 towards legal costs.

Our legal expenses policy includes:

  • Cover for up to £50,000 legal costs with no excess to pay and no limit on the number of claims
  • Cover if a tenant breaches their tenancy agreement - for instance by bringing in pets without consent, or not paying council tax
  • Pursuing rental arrears or eviction - for instance if a former tenant still owes you rent, or if tenants are refusing to leave your property
  • Legal defence in civil or criminal proceedings - for instance if you’re prosecuted for not having an up to date gas certificate, for someone getting hurt on your property, or if you face tax investigations
  • Unlimited access to our  24/7 legal helpline.

Things we won’t cover:

  • We can’t cover things that happened before you took out legal expenses insurance with us
  • We won’t take on claims where you don’t have at least a 51% chance of success - something our legal experts will advise you on. (For your sake and ours, we want to make sure there’s a reasonable chance you can win your case)
  • Claims where the amount in dispute is less than £250 - because it can be costly to get solicitors involved for minor disputes
  • The first 10% of any contract dispute claims - you pay a small contribution and we’ll cover 90% of any contract dispute (for instance if a tradesman bills you for far more than the original quote you agreed on)
  • If your tenants don’t have any references, they will have to live in your property for 90 days - without any issues - before your we can pay for any legal expenses. (Unless you’ve had previous cover for your tenants and they’ve lived in the property without incident long-term – in which case you might not have to wait at all).  


Our legal expenses cover is £39.50 for 12 months - less than £3.50 a month. Remember to add it to your policy when you get your quote.

The Legal expenses Insurance Product Information Document provides you with a summary of key features and exclusions.

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