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Landlord Legal expenses cover

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Renting out a property can lead to a range of legal disputes, which could cost time, stress and money. With Legal expenses insurance you’ll get cover and professional support for covered legal proceedings. You can choose to add this cover to your Simple Landlords Insurance policy. 

Landlord Legal expenses insurance quotes

Get 24 hour access to a legal expert and cover for up to £50,000 towards legal costs with Legal expenses insurance from Simple Landlords.

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What does Landlord Legal expenses insurance cover?

Our legal expenses policy includes:

  • Cover for up to £50,000 legal costs with no excess to pay and no limit on the number of claims
  • Cover if a tenant breaches their tenancy agreement - for instance by bringing in pets without consent, or not paying council tax
  • Pursuing rental arrears or eviction - for instance if a former tenant still owes you rent, or if tenants are refusing to leave your property
  • Legal defence in civil or criminal proceedings - for instance if you’re prosecuted for not having an up to date gas certificate, for someone getting hurt on your property, or if you face tax investigations
  • Unlimited access to our 24/7 legal helpline.

Things we won’t cover

  • We can’t cover things that happened before you took out legal expenses insurance with us
  • If you claim has less than a 51% chance of success our legal experts won’t take it on – because they want to be sure there’s a reasonable chance of you winning your case! sure there’s a reasonable chance you can win your case)
  • Claims where the amount in dispute is less than £250 - because it can be costly to get solicitors involved for minor disputes
  • The first 10% of any contract dispute claim- you pay a contribution and we’ll cover 90% of any contract dispute (for instance if a tradesman bills you for far more than the original quote you agreed on)
  • If you took on tenants without references, they’ll only be covered once they’ve lived there for 90 days without any issues. (Unless you’ve had previous cover for your tenants and they’ve lived in the property without incident long-term – in which case you might not have to wait at all).

The Legal expenses Insurance Product Information Document provides you with a summary of key features and exclusions.

For more information please take a look at the full policy documents - which show exactly what you’ll be covered for.

What is landlord legal expenses insurance?

Landlord legal expenses insurance is designed to help you with legal disputes.

What are some common examples of situations in which I might claim?

Common examples of when you might use your landlord legal expenses cover include when a tenant breaches their tenancy agreement in some way, if tenants stop paying rent and you’re pursuing arrears or an eviction, or if you’re being pursued for a breach of YOUR obligations as a landlord.

Do I need landlord legal expenses insurance?

Landlord legal expenses insurance is not a legal requirement but it really can offer you peace of mind. Legal costs add up fast, and if your margins are tight, it’s worth crunching the numbers on the cost of a policy versus the cost of a legal case.

Will you take on any legal expenses claim?

No – there are restrictions on the policy, including the amount your case is worth and the likelihood of success. Our experts will assess whether it’s worth it – and that’s as much for your sake as anyone else’s. If it’s a very small amount or there isn’t a reasonable chance of you winning, they won’t take it forwards.

How much does landlord legal expenses cover cost?

Landlord legal expenses cover costs £39.50 for 12 months, which works out at less than £3.50 a month.

What do I need to provide to ensure that I’m covered immediately?

To ensure that you’re covered immediately, you’ll need to provide us with tenant references. These references should include: two forms of identification (one with a photo); and must show that they do not have any outstanding or closed County Court Judgements (CCJs) in the last three years.

If your tenants don’t have any references, they will have to live in your property for 90 days - without any issues - before we can pay for any legal expenses should a dispute arise.

What legal support does your policy include?

Our landlord legal expenses customers benefit from unlimited access to a 24/7 legal helpline.

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