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Landlord Legal liability cover

If you own a property and someone gets hurt in or around it - or their property gets damaged in or around it - you could be liable to pay them compensation and any resulting legal fees. That’s where Legal liability insurance comes in.

With Simple Landlords Insurance Legal liability cover, you’ll be protected for anything you’ve got a legal responsibility for – for instance if there’s an unforeseen accident and you’re faced with personal injury claim - or other claims from tenants or visitors.

What does Landlord Legal liability insurance cover?

Our Legal liability cover includes:

  • £2 million worth of cover as standard
  • The option to upgrade to £5 million cover
  • Cover for legal expenses and defence costs.

Things we don’t cover

  • Sorry, but we can’t cover any damage by dangerous dogs
  • We can’t cover communicable diseases (so if someone passes on an illness like chickenpox it’s out of our remit)
  • We won’t be able to pay out if there’s an injury caused by using the property for anything other than private letting (so if you or your tenant are running a business out of the property and someone gets hurt using a machine, for instance)

For more information please take a look at the full policy documents - which show exactly what you’ll be covered for.

What is landlord liability insurance?

Landlord liability insurance is designed to cover you where you’re legally responsible for something – so for instance should someone get injured in or around your property – or should their property get damaged while ON your property.

Do I need landlord liability insurance?

Landlord liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it’s important to remember that some injuries or damages can leave you liable to pay out a lot of money.

What does your landlord legal liability cover include?

Simple Landlord’s landlord legal liability policy includes £2 million worth of cover as standard, with the option to upgrade to up to £5 million. It also includes cover for legal expenses and defence costs should you require legal assistance.

How much does landlord legal liability insurance cost?

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