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Multi property landlord insurance

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If you’ve got multiple properties, a portfolio insurance policy could potentially save you time and money. All of your properties are on a single policy, so there’s one renewal date, one point of contact - and one payment.

Multi property landlord insurance quotes

Insurance doesn’t need to be a bigger hassle for bigger landlords – put your properties onto a single policy with Simple Landlords Insurance for an easier landlord life.

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What does multi property landlord insurance cover?

Our multi property landlord insurance includes:

  • Investors with 4 or more properties
  • Tailored cover for your buildings and contents, plus legal liability and loss of rent as standard
  • One policy, one renewal, one payment
  • A dedicated portfolio account manager
  • Add to your portfolio as it grows
  • No amendment fees

What is portfolio insurance?

Portfolio insurance is often called multi-property insurance, and it’s a way for landlords with several properties to get one landlords insurance policy – rather than separate policies for each property in their portfolio.

That means they don’t have to spend a lot of time getting individual quotes, and they get the convenience of only having one payment and one renewal per year.

How does portfolio insurance work?

At Simple Landlords Insurance you can give us a ring on 0808 172 5600 and talk us through your properties and insurance needs. We’ll set your policy up, and you can add properties onto it as you invest, or as the insurance policies for your existing properties come up for renewal. We don’t even charge an admin fee.

What counts as a portfolio?

If you’ve got 4 or more properties, you’re eligible for a portfolio policy with Simple Landlords Insurance.

What happens if I’ve already got insurance on some of my properties?

You don’t need to cancel or move your current insurance. We can add on properties as they come up for renewal so you’re not doubling up. We do all the admin too, so you don’t have to.

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