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Optional extras

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Depending on your property, tenants, and priorities, you can pick and choose what else you’d like to be covered for. By bolting on different products you can create your own tailor-made policy. 

Emergency cover

Man repairing a boiler

The boiler breaks down in the middle of winter, a pipe bursts and water is pouring through the ceiling, or you find out you’ve got mice or wasps in the loft. If there’s a domestic emergency, our Home emergency cover is there to help.

You can choose what level of cover you need, from simple boiler breakdown through to complete emergency cover - protecting you in the event of emergency blocked drains, leaky roofs, broken electrics, and infestations.

  • Boiler breakdown - £39.99 a year
  • Home emergency cover - £49.99 a year -  Including access to a 24 hour helpline and a network of trusted plumbers, electricians - and pest control experts.
  • Home emergency PLUS - £74.99 a year - All of the above, but covering you for £1,500 worth of emergency repairs, call outs, parts and materials.

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Excess protection

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Think of it like an insurance policy on your insurance policy. Your excess is the bit you contribute to fix something before your insurance policy kicks in and takes over. No one really likes having to pay it, because whatever level you’ve set it at, it’s still a chunk of money out of your own pocket.

With our excess protection, you can protect your excess from just £25.00 for 12 months. That means for only £2 a month you’ll be able to claim it back from us - so you’re not out of pocket.

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Key protection

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People lose keys all the time, or they get snapped off in the lock, or otherwise damaged. And call out fees for locksmiths to change the locks or replace the keys can be a big expense - and a big hassle for both you and your tenants.

With our key protection, you’re covered against loss or damage to your property’s keys or locks – up to £1,500 - for just £15 for the whole year.

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Rent guarantee

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What if your tenant stops paying their rent? It takes an average of four months to evict a tenant, and losing that income could have a big impact. Rent guarantee means we’ll plug the gap until the tenants are paying up, or until they’ve been evicted.

Our policy comes with £5,000 worth of legal expenses too, and we’ll take charge of any court proceedings. What’s more, our Rent guarantee starts from as little as £79.99 a year.

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Legal expenses cover

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If a tenant breaches their contract, if you need to chase rent or pursue an eviction, if you’re facing civil or criminal investigations related to your property investments, the one thing you don’t want to have to worry about is how much it’s all going to cost you in legal fees.

We hope you don’t face any legal issues as a landlord, but if you do, we can help you cover the expense – from just £39.50 a year.

Our standard legal expenses policy covers you for up to £5,000. You can also choose to pay more to get up to £50,000 worth of cover, depending on level of legal support you think you might need.

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